¡Bienvenido a nuestra prueba de nivel 2 !

Responde a las preguntas de esta prueba tipo test para saber que nivel tienes (A2 , B1 ó B2) y poder saber  en qué tipo de clase debes inscribirte.


1. John’ s / you / German teacher / are ?
2. Robin will meet ___ at the airport
____ were they at the weekend?
They were in Scotland.
4. Do you sell envelopes?
Yes, we do. How ___ do you want?
Is this a good time to talk?
Sorry, no. I ___ lunch.
6. ___ meet for coffee some time soon.
7. in / a lot of / I / free time / my / practice / sport
8. I only get about five hours’ sleep a night.

That’s not ___
9. I think cycling is more dangerous ___ driving.
10. We never ____ a television when I was a kid.
11. ___ to an interesting place recently?
12. We could go to an art gallery if the weather ____ bad tomorrow.
13. My sister isn’t very well.

Oh, _____.
14. About a million bottles of Fanta____ drunk around the world every day.
15. Mary isn’t here now. She _____ to see her grandfather. She’ll be back soon.
16. Would you mind changing our meeting? ____ time on Friday is fine.
17. When he was a kid, he ___ climb the tree and jump into the neighbours’ garden.
18. Dean used to find work boring ____ he became a doctor.
19. Have you finished ___ the floor yet?
20. Could you help me? I’ve tried ____ hotel in the city but I can’t find a room.
21. when / the cinema / arrived / a police car / suddenly/ they /outside / were standing
22. I’ve ___ come back from a journey to China. It’s been awesome.
My doctor advised me ____ some exercise regularly.
24. There’s no name on that workbook.

It ____ be mine then. Mine has my name and surname on the first page.
25. Julia ____ going out with him since she was 18.
26. I was wondering ___ I could ask her a couple of things.
27. What clothes should I pack for a trip to Boston?

Well, it depends ____ the month that you go.
28. I’ve always heard that married couples get more ____ over time.
29. I don’t know how much it’s worth. The price label’s ____ off.
30. Bachata music always ____ me of our trip to Puerto Rico.
31. You ____to be picking Alex up at the train station but it’s not necessary any more.
32. repaired / your car / am / next month / I / afraid / can’t be / before
33. By the age of 17, I ___ not to go to university.
34. Can you believe it? A man has been ____ for hacking into the computer of his online virtual wife.
35. I will lend you my car ____ you promise to look after it.
36. Peter tends to put ____ dealing with problems rather than solving them in the moment.
37. My daughter takes her responsibilities very ____.
38. There’s going to be a new department at the store. My boss has asked me to ___ it up.
39. By the end of the afternoon I will ____ to each of my students.
40. Mia was ____ delighted with her anniversary gift.